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Our HARVESTER system is the perfect solution for your custom harvesting operation. The system allows you to easily enter customer information as well as scale ticket information for each customer. Ticket information includes ticket number and date, gross and tare weights, test weight, moisture, dockage, elevator, truck as well as other user-determined fields.

Once the scale tickets are entered, HARVESTER can produce professional, easy to read customer settlements with both summary and detail information. The system includes the ability to customize the rates for cutting, hauling and overage both at the grain level and at the customer level.

HARVESTER supports an unlimited number of grain types and an unlimited number of customers and tickets. Settlements can include a single customer, multiple customers with the same grain type, or mulitple customers with different grain types. Settlements include cost breakouts for cutting, hauling, and overage as well as yields. You can also specify payment breakouts for multiple owners associated with your custom harvesting operation as part of the customer settlements produced.

HARVESTER also includes numerous reports which provide ticket summaries by grain type, truck, elevator, state, and customer. In addition, the system includes a vehicles/equipment activity and maintenance log which allows you to keep detailed records for the various vehicles and equipment used during the harvest.

Service Features

Easy to Use and Learn

The system is menu-driven and designed for use by first-time computer users. Our system manual and training videos will get you up and running quickly.


Other competitors require large up-front investments and significant ongoing support costs to use their products. We offer our service at an affordable, monthly subscription price with no long-term contracts or commitments.

Designed for fast data entry

The data entry screens are designed to allow you to quickly enter data from the keyboard with minimal use of the mouse.


The system is built to handle multiple users who are accessing the server from multiple locations concurrently.

Great Customer Support

We've built our reputation by providing outstanding customer support and do our best to make sure that any question or problem is addressed promptly and with the same kind of personal service that we appreciate from others.


The software service is cloud-based, freeing you from the hassles of installing software, dealing with network and server set up for multiple users, and planning for disaster recovery scenarios.


Our servers and your data are located in a secure data center. Access to the software is controlled with user login credentials.

Anywhere Access

You can access the software service from any Windows computer with an Internet connection. This gives you the freedom to use the service from your office, your home, or from a laptop when you are on the road.

Software Always Up-To-Date

Gone are the days of installing new releases and wondering if the software will run on your new computer. We handle all the software installations and updates, and you'll always be running the latest version of the software.

Daily Online Backups

Your data is safely protected from loss. A backup copy of your data is sent to an offsite location each day for safekeeping.

Software Features

Unlimited grains, customers and tickets
Single customer input screen
Single scale ticket entry screens
Easy to read Customer Settlements
Customizable cutting, hauling and overage rates
Single grain and multi-grain settlements
Customizable dockage calculations
Vehicle/equipment maintenance records
Popup lists for field value selections
Report to screen, printer or PDF file
Ticket Detail Reports
Settled and Unsettled Ticket Reports
Summary Reports by Customer, Grain, Elevator, Truck and State
Several additional reports


Daily Menu
Grain Info
Customer Info
Ticket Info
Elevator Subtotals
Vehicle Info
Vehicle Activity
Company Info


Our HARVESTER system is offered as a software subscription and is hosted on servers in the cloud.

Our servers are maintained in a secure data center and are accessible from a desktop computer with a web browser in any location with an Internet connection.

The subscription requires an initial one-time setup fee and an economical monthly subscription fee based on the size of your elevator and the number of concurrent users of the service that you require.

Pricing begins at $100/month for a subscription with up to three (3) concurrent users. The setup fee for this configuration is $250.

Free Trial

We offer a 15-day free trial period for you to fully evaluate the service and its applicability to your business. The trial includes sample data and a detailed instruction manual to help new users in the evaluation process.

If, during your 15-day trial period, you decide to subscribe to the software service, simply notify our office and we will set up and activate your subscription and begin billing you for the setup and subscription.

If we have not heard back from you by the end of the 15-day trial, your trial will be discontinued automatically.

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