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Our software service covers the full spectrum of elevator activities from receiving grain at the scale to shipping it to a terminal. We help you keep up with each ticket from the time it is entered until it is settled and the producer receives a check. The customer settlement we produce is simple to understand and shows summary and detail information for all of the tickets that a customer is settling.

On the outbound side, you can easily see just what was shipped to selected destinations, who was responsible for the hauling, and any docks and discounts that were taken by the terminal. The inventory module allows you to see exactly how much of any grain is at your site at any given point in time and provides the details of whether the grain is on open storage, deferred pricing, or owned by the elevator. A daily position report may be produced for any time period for your personal use or for any inspection entity that might be visiting your facility.

Our Grain Management System will allow you to move away from manually tracking your grain elevator inventories with unwieldy spreadsheets and move to a reliable software solution that will increase the productivity and efficiency of your operation and the satisfaction of your customers.

We appreciate you visiting us online and invite you to explore the opportunities provided by this exceptional software product.

Elevator GMS - System Modules


The first module is called ELEVATOR and is where incoming grain is processed. This is the area where you enter customer information and incoming scale tickets, produce settlements, print incoming grain reports, sell stored grain, and all of the other functions associated with incoming grain. 

Customer information, including customer names, addresses, farm information and contracts, are maintained here. Customer settlements as well as numerous other reports are also produced by this component. If you need to know how much grain was received during the last week, you can obtain that information with a few keystrokes.


SHIPPER is the second major area of the system and is used to enter and maintain information about grain that is leaving your facility. It can provide you with information about grain destinations, shipping agents, freight costs associated with the transport, and many other types of data. 

This component allows you to enter outbound tickets as they exit your facility and later enter the information that was supplied by the destination elevator where the grain was delivered. It is easy to see any discrepancies between what you say was shipped and what the other party says was received. This module also includes a number of other reports.


The final component of the system is known as DAILY and is where you keep up with the position of each of your grains. Information may be automatically transferred from the incoming (ELEVATOR) and outgoing (SHIPPER) tickets so that you do not need to re-enter this information a second time.

You may also make manual adjustments to any position as are required. The main reports in this section are designed to show your position and liability information and are quite useful to the grain inspectors when they are reviewing your situation.

Service Features

Easy to Use and Learn

The system is menu-driven and designed for use by first-time computer users.  Our system manual and training videos will get you up and running quickly.


Other competitors require large up-front investments and significant ongoing support costs to use their products. We offer our service at an affordable, monthly subscription price with no long-term contracts or commitments.

Designed for fast data entry

The data entry screens are designed to allow you to quickly enter data from the keyboard with minimal use of the mouse.


The system is built to handle multiple users who are accessing the server from multiple locations concurrently.

Great Customer Support

We've built our reputation by providing outstanding customer support and do our best to make sure that any question or problem is addressed promptly and with the same kind of personal service that we appreciate from others.


The software service is cloud-based, freeing you from the hassles of installing software, dealing with network and server set up for multiple users, and planning for disaster recovery scenarios.


Our servers and your data are located in a secure data center. Access to the software is controlled with user login credentials.

Anywhere Access

You can access the software service from any Windows computer with an Internet connection.  This gives you the freedom to use the service from your office, your home, or from a laptop  when you are on the road.

Software Always Up-To-Date

Gone are the days of installing new releases and wondering if the software will run on your new computer. We handle all the software installations and updates, and you'll always be running the latest version of the software.

Daily Online Backups

Your data is safely protected from loss.  A backup copy of your data is sent to an offsite location each day for safekeeping.

Software Features

Unlimited grains, customers, and tickets
Single customer input screen
Single scale ticket entry screens
Easy to understand Customer Settlements
Support for incoming and outgoing contracts
Open storage, deferred pricing, and warehouse receipts
Supports multiple owners per customer
Partial owner settlements
Customizable dock/discount calculations
Popup lists for field value selections
Report to screen, printer or PDF file
Ticket Detail Reports
Outbound Grain Reports
Daily Position and Inventory Reports
Storage Reports
Settled and Unsettled Ticket Reports
Many other reports


Daily Menu
Customer Info
Ticket Info
Outgoing Ticket
Incoming Totals
Outgoing Totals
Daily Activity
Daily Position

Sample Reports


Our ELEVATOR Grain Management System is offered as a software subscription and is hosted on servers in the cloud. 

Our servers are maintained in a secure data center and are accessible from a Windows desktop in any location with an Internet connection.

The subscription requires an initial one-time setup fee and an economical monthly subscription fee based on the size of your elevator and the number of concurrent users of the service that you require.

Pricing begins at $100/month for a subscription with up to three (3) concurrent users.  The setup fee for this configuration is $250.

Free Trial

We offer a free, 15-day trial period for you to fully evaluate the service and its applicability to your business. The trial includes sample data, a detailed instruction manual, and a link to our online training videos that we have created to help new users in the evaluation process.

If, during your 15-day trial period, you decide to continue with the software service, simply notify our office and we will set up and activate your subscription and begin billing you for the setup and subscription.

If we have not heard back from you by the end of the 15-day trial, your trial will be discontinued automatically.


Customer Support

Included in the subscription price is a reasonable amount of support and training. A detailed instruction manual is included with the software as well as a link to several online videos we have created to teach new users how to use the system.

We also provide a limited amount of test/sample data that allows you to quickly evaluate the usefulness of the product. This data can be easily removed with just a few keystrokes, and you may begin adding your own data when you desire.

Enhancements and updates to the software are made periodically and are included in the subscription price.

We do require that users have an active subscription in order to continue receiving telephone support.

We make every effort to take your calls personally. When we are not available, we have a voice mail system and do our best to respond to your call within two business days.

About Us

Tom King Consulting is a small, family-based business located just outside of Denton, Texas. The business was founded by Tom King in the early 1980s. We lost Tom in early 2016, and since that time, the business has been operated by his wife, Sara, and son, Scott. Tom developed and supplied software for well over four decades, and Scott has been doing the same since the late 1970s. We have deliberately maintained our size and structure in order to maintain reasonable prices and to try to offer the kind of personal service that we appreciate from others. 

A Brief Look at Our History

In the early 1980s, Tom received a request to develop a software product to help manage the wheat harvest from his brother-in-law who was operating a grain elevator in Graham, Texas. Tom had been in the computer business for well over twenty years at the time, and after a certain amount of persuasion, he agreed to put something together that would benefit his brother-in-law as well as his sister-in-law who was doing most of the office work. That was the rudimentary beginnings of the Grain Management System that we offer today.

During the next few years, there was some interest shown by other operators, and the system gradually increased in functionality and scope. By about 1988, there was enough interest in the system to gather a number of elevator operators and determine what was required to produce a commercial software product. With their encouragement and support, we went through a complete re-design and re-development of the entire system. At that time, the system we redesigned to use a relational database and was completely DOS based. As we began to see some success in the marketplace during the decade of the 90s, we were issuing new releases of the software about once a year.

In the late 1990s, it became apparent that we would need to make the conversion to Windows. That entailed another major re-design and re-writing of the system and turned out to be the most extensive conversion that we had done to date, requiring a major investment into the product. Even though we had to increase the price slightly, we continued to sell the product for much less than all of our larger competitors. Throughout this period, we continued to make enhancements and improvements to the product and maintained the ability to run under the various versions of Microsoft Windows that have been released.

In 2015, we began offering a cloud-based subscription version of the software, and by early 2017 we anticipate that all of our active customers will be using our cloud-based offering.